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Braider training sessions, provided by qualified trainers, are designed to familiarize attendees with the concepts of setting up, running, and maintaining Wardwell braiding machines.  Training Sessions may be conducted at the customer's facility or at Wardwell.

Sessions are run over two consecutive day periods. Introductory meetings are held for all participants. Sessions have a maximum of six participants, and may include personnel from up to three companies.

Each participant is provided with brochures, operation manuals, and parts manuals as requested. Sessions begin with presentations of one or more videos depending on interest and appropriateness. The first video (always shown) covers maintenance, assembly, and disassembly of the 16 Carrier Speedmaster 150 wire braider.

Please contact sales@wardwell.com to schedule the training sessions.

The video presentation is followed by a plant tour conducted by a Wardwell associate. Hands-on training begins after the plant tour and continues into day two. A machine is disassembled, and individual parts are inspected for wear. Maintenance requirements are also discussed. The machine is then reassembled, loaded with material, and test braided.

The sessions conclude with question and answer periods in the afternoon of day two.

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