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  • All wire & cable designs
  • Hydraulic Hoses
  • Automotive Hoses
  • Gas & Air Pressure Hoses
  • Marine Cable


  • Horizontal axis operation
  • 24 carrier round braider construction
  • Integrated drive motor and control
  • Wire carrier designed for high speed operation
  • Broken end detector
  • Durable cast iron frame construction
  • Separate switch cabinet
  • Separate reel pay-off and take-up units

Technical Features

  • Individual carrier tension control
  • Operating speeds up to 70 rpm
  • Inverter motor drive for controlled acceleration and deceleration, continuous main drive with controlled AC motor
  • Automatic central lubrication
  • Lifetime lubrication for all important bearing points
  • Automatic single wire and bundle breakage monitoring
  • Digital readout of head speed, product counter, and hours of operation
  • Digital pre-set and read of lay-length (pitch)


  • Caterpillar haul off system
  • Sound cabinet
  • Separate reel pay-off and take-up unit
  • Core cooling device in the center passage of the machine

Technical Specifications

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1211 High Street Central Falls, RI 02863
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