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Empty Bobbin Detector


Wardwell introduces a new Empty Bobbin Detector system designed to stop the machine before material runs out. The advantage is reduced braid defects and improved productivity. The new system is available for all Wardwell rotary models. Infrared sensors and proprietary filtering logic make the system extremely reliable and easy to install.

Technical Specifications

  • Infrared sensors measure texture
  • Applies to all materials...copper, aluminum, steel and all textiles
  • Works with any color bobbin
  • Tested up to 200 RPM.
  • Proprietary filtering logic eliminates false stops

Product Features

  • Can be retrofit for existing braiding machines
  • Available for 120VAC to 230VAC or 24VDC power sources
  • Will run a preset number of revolutions after empty bobbin is detected to maximize machine efficiency... preset is user adjustable

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