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Magnetic Tension Clutch

Wardwell Braiding Machine Company is now offering an improved wind-up clutch for all 16C Rapid and 16C Speedmaster models. Our new magnetic clutch (part no. 005618) directly replaces our existing spring style clutch (part no. 16-2165X) offering constant tension during reel build-up.

Drive torque is achieved by adjusting the distance between two magnetic plates. Positioning the plates nearer together increases the applied torque (0-70 in.lb.)


  • Direct replacement – Easy to install
  • Constant tension independent of shaft speed
  • No break-away torque
  • No friction elements. Torque remains constant year after year
  • Performance unaffected by oily conditions
  • One year Warranty

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1211 High Street Central Falls, RI 02863
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