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Wardwell Acquires Cobra Braiding Machinery

November 21, 2023

Wardwell Braiding Company announces its acquisition of Cobra Braiding Machinery and the company assets, effective immediately. The announcement was made by Wardwell Vice President John Tomaz at the company’s headquarters in Rhode Island (USA).

According to Mr. Tomaz, “Wardwell and Cobra have been friendly competitors for many years on the global market in wire and cable harnessing and when this opportunity for acquisition arose, we knew it was a great fit for our company and our customers. I have the highest respect for the Cobra line of braiders and especially the company’s managing director, Neil Hyde.” Mr. Hyde will remain active in the company as general manager for a period of time yet to be determined, according to Mr. Tomaz.
Established in the UK in 1981, Cobra is a family-run company now in its fourth generation. Innovation, quality and service have allowed Cobra to develop a strong reputation as a leading manufacturer of wire harness and cable harness braiding machinery.

Cobra manufactures and supplies braiding machines and equipment for a wide range of wiring harness markets including heavy vehicles, agricultural equipment, construction and mining equipment, military and defense vehicles, marine engines and aerospace. 95% of the braiding machines Cobra manufactures are exported overseas to countries including the USA, Mexico, Europe, China, Japan and Australia. “Teaming up with Wardwell gives us the confidence that our customers will continue to receive the performance and support they are accustomed to getting from Cobra,” said Neil Hyde.

Wardwell is a member of the Wilms Group which includes other major equipment manufacturers around the world such as SKET, Henrich and Spirka-Schnellflechter. This global network of suppliers to the industry has improved each member’s market position. The Wardwell braiding machine offerings will now include the entire Cobra line, highlighted by the industry-recognized Cobra 450, according to John Tomaz. “We see the Cobra line, when joined with ours, creating a positive synergy in sales and marketing for us on a global scale.”

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