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Vertical Harness Braider

Specially designed for Harness Application

Migrated from Old New England Butt Style


  • Wire and textile harness constructions


  • Vertical axis operation
  • Motorized capstan take-off system
  • 12, 16, 24, 32, 36, 48, 64 and 72 carrier configuration
  • Direct Drive
  • Cast iron construction for long life and precise operation
  • Tubular Frame
  • Large diameter center opening

Technical Features

  • Individual carrier tension control
  • Infinitely variable motor driven capstan
  • Metal head guard with sound abating jackets
  • Variable speed drive with foot potentiometer
  • Self Lubricating nylon horn gears
  • Empty bobbin and material break detection
  • Remote Operator Station equipped with:
    • Allen Bradley Display to set braid pitch, speed, and preset length
    • Start, stop, jog, and emergency stop
    • Articulated arm allows control to be positioned away from working area
    • Alphanumeric fault annunciation


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