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Wardwell Braiding is a world leading supplier of braiding equipment. Since it’s founding in 1911 by Simon Wardwell, the Company’s engineers have continually introduced advances in technology that have made Wardwell braiders the industry standard for overall value.

Wardwell’s first machines were used to make braided textile products. Later, the Company introduced machinery for reinforced hose and composite structures. Since the early 1970’s, Wardwell has invested heavily in the development of specialized braiding machines to serve the rapidly growing needs of the wire and cable industry. This added industry focus has lead Wardwell to extend its product applications and geographic boundaries significantly.

The last decade has seen many changes in the industries Wardwell serves and their suppliers. In December 2009, Wardwell became a member of the Wilms Group which includes other major equipment suppliers such as SKET, Henrich, Spirka Schnellflechter and Stolberger.

Through these partnerships and other carefully planned alliances around the world, Wardwell continues to provide products and services designed to meet today’s new, demanding applications for braiding technology.




Wardwell - 100 years of quality and service


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