• Used for spiral wrapping of cables with copper wire. Also for the application of textiles and plastic strengh members in tubes and hoses.
Basic Configuration
  • 2 spiralling heads
  • 1 double disk capstan
  • 1 switch cabinet
Technical Features
  • Wire break detection (single or multi-end), with automatic shut down
  • Automatic stop on reaching pre-set length
  • Quick clamping device with snap locking at the bobbin positions for quick bobbin change
  • Adjustment of the variable machine parameters at control panel of the switch cabinet
  • A control panel at each individual unit
  • During the operation of the machine the bonnets are forcibly closed
  • Single head machines
  • Coupling with separate pay-off and take-up units 
  • Addition of a separate two bobbin head (Spinner) for the application of binding wires if required
  • Addition of a central taping unit 
Technical Specifications

Model 6036/1
Number of Bobbins per Head 18
Diameter of the Core 2 - 25 mm
Spiralling Material Copper, Soft Steel, Textile, and Plastic Yarns
Bobbin Dimensions °125 x 95/80 mm
Bobbin Capacity 720 cm│
Bobbin Rotation Speed 25 - 400 rpm
Jog Speed 25 rpm
Pull off per Bobbin Revolution 5 - 100 mm
Diameter of Pull-off Capstan °630 mm
Reel Size Max °1600 mm (separate reel winding)
Total Installed Power 5 kW
Floor Space Machine 4400 x 1100 mm
Machine Weight 1400 kg
Floor Space Switch Cabinet 800 x 400 mm
Weight of Switch Cabinet 400 kg
Noise Level 75 dB(A)

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