Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Do I need to adjust the reel windup mechanism as the package builds?

A: It depends on the characteristics of your material and how much tension it can withstand without damage. It is necessary to apply only enough torque to the windup reel so that it rotates and doesn’t allow excessive slack in the material from the capstan.

If your material is tension-tolerant, you may be able to keep the windup torque fixed at a level sufficient to rotate a full package. However, if the tension at this setting would stretch or break the material, you must set the torque lower when the package is empty and adjust it periodically as the package builds.

For extremely fragile materials, Wardwell offers optional reel windup systems that adjust the torque automatically and continuously as the package builds. With these systems, it is possible to ensure a maximum tension limit of 30 grams.

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