Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How can I keep my braider producing top quality product at peak efficiency?

In addition to using good quality bobbins and following recommended procedures for lubrication, regular periodic inspection of the carriers will help you achieve the highest productivity. Some important inspection points are noted below. A more comprehensive description of inspection procedures can be found in the “Troubleshooting Guide” in the Machine Operation Manual.

Upper and Lower Carriers
  • Make sure that the supply packages are wound properly and are free of crossovers

  • Ensure that the material is threaded properly

  • Check the tension on the material. If the tension spring is applying insufficient tension, the tension lever will stop the machine. Upper carrier tension should be approximately 60% of lower carrier tension. It is also important that the tension be consistent from one carrier to another. Inconsistent tensioning can cause a loop in the braided product.

  • Check the ratchet teeth and the pawl for wear. Excessive wear can cause uneven tension resulting in and imperfect braid pattern or a machine stoppage.

  • Check all material contact surfaces for nicks and burrs (deflector, thread guide, supply spool cap, tension stand guide, tension lever pulley).

Upper Carriers
  • Make sure that the upper supply ratchet rotates freely when the pawl is released.

  • Make sure that the ratchet spindle hole is free of contamination and not excessively worn.

  • Make sure that driver bar slot entrances are smooth.

Lower Carriers
  • Make sure the lower carrier spindle is clean, lubricated, straight, and not excessively worn

  • Inspect the thread guide assembly. Guide wires should be seated in grooves. Rollers should rotate freely without excessive end play.

  • Make sure the lower carrier stopping wire moves freely.

  • Make sure the lower carrier tension lever moves freely and that the retainer rivet is fastened firmly.

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