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  • High speed parallel winding
  • Snap or clip, material securing systems
Technical Features
  • 2.2 Kw / 3 HP AC servo motor
  • Servo motor traverse
  • Multi-Language text operator panel
  • CE compliant and approved
  • None
Technical Specifications

Model W8-942 S Automatic Winder
Number of Spindles 4
Winding Speed Adjustable 500 to 8000 RPM or Constant linear speed
Maximum traverse length 330 mm
Maximum bobbin diameter 135 mm
Traverse control Infinitely adjustable through control panel
Traverse pitch Infinitely adjustable through control panel
Length measurement Predetermined counter through control panel
Wire Types Copper, Aluminum, Textile and Soft Steel
Wire Sizes and number of ends 25 to 45 AWG, 1 to 10 ends per spindle
Dimensions 1700 L x 1300 W x 1600 mm H
Motor 2.2 Kw. Brushless DC
Net weight 500 kg / 1100 lbs.
Voltage 440 V/480V, 3Ph, 50/60 Hz or to customer's specifications with additional tranformer

Additional Features
  1. General Settings (date, time, total running time, language etc.)
  2. Line set up (number and type of payoff unit in operation selection, bobbin counter on/off, air blower on/off, kiss roll lubricating system on/off, traverse compensation for eventual distortion of the bobbin flange, speed ramps up/down)
  3. Bobbin settings (flange/barrel/traverse dimensions, start/securing winding positions of the traverse unit, number of turns in the snap etc.). Up to three different bobbin types can be set.
  4. Recipes (for any bobbin model, wire size, and number of ends combination to the pertinent traverse stroke, pitch, winding speed, either as constant spindle speed or constant linear speed can be set and stored). Up to 256 recipes are programmable.
  5. Events and malfunctions (Machine status, possibility to perform the automatic loading/unloading cycle step by step for eventual inspection or fine machine tuning, sensors alarm display, includes also a graphic aid for the fast location of the fault sensor, spindle and traverse motors actual speed and position).

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