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Wardwell's new W8-901 re-spooling system was especially designed to wind super fine and flat ribbon wire on the spools of your choice.

The single-spindle winder features:

Model 901 Single-spindle Winder
Number of Spindles 1  Spindle
Spool Traversing spool with centerless spool retention arrangement
Motor Drive side pintles driven by a servo motor with a variable speed drive
Encoder The Servo motor encoder provides the PLC with a frequency for the traverse.
Spindle Speed Spindle speed is set via a rotary potentiometer.
Spool Traverse Spool traverse reversal limits are digitally set via operator interface in 0.001 increments.
Payoff Positions The winding system comprises a single or multiple payoff positions providing constant tension control and delivering perfectly wound spools.

Contact us to discuss your application and how our custom made solutions can improve your winding experience.

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